Welcome to my Life On The Border15-0812_untitled_0095

This website is all about the work being done in Mae Sot, Thailand, No-Man’s land and Burma.

Please explore all the different pages and learn about the wonderful people here.

After working at the bike shop, or the burger restaurant you might find me hanging out at the border meeting new people, practicing my Burmese, teaching English and hanging out with the kids at The Refuge.


3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I just read a couple of your blog entries. I’ll read more when I get the chance.
    I loved it. It so moved my heart. It’s exciting when the life of following God and serving becomes more attractive than the ‘normal’ life we’ve known. There’s
    just no going back, is there?
    Looking forward to more blogs and to the time you and I plan to share with
    Suzette in a couple of weeks.
    Hugs, Dory-Irene

  2. I read the post about Big Mama and
    The two yr old. My heart broke also!!
    Alexandra , thanks for making a difference in gods kingdom. Waiting
    For Vickie to send any updates. Here
    At FFL we love you!!! Stay safe!!
    Blessings, Sandy

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