This is what the inside of my head has looked like for the last 6 weeks.  Straight up blur!



So many great things have happened, so many miracles, so much breakthrough, so much ground gained!  After a few days of rest and processing, I can summarise the last season with only one word, THANKFUL.

We have had so many wonderful people here serving with Outpour.  The most teams/people we’ve ever had.  It was some incredibly hard work, but every single moment of preparation or planning and strategizing to make it all happen was absolutely worth it!

The teams poured their hearts out, they sweat (A LOT), they cried, they bled, they brought the Kingdom, they shut down lies and they brought advancement.  

We just had a team here from Bethel, Supernatural School of Ministry in Redding California. Their sole purpose in coming to Mae Sot, Thailand was to love.  Their game plan was to pour everything they had out into us as Outpour staff.  They each took turns sharing with us what they had been leaning at school.

They shared about rest.  That its not about sitting on the couch and relaxing, its actually getting into the presence of God and soaking in His love.  They shared about Encounters, Identity, and the prophetic to name a few more.


The Bethel team that loved so well

The World Race team that was here worked hard in many different areas. They taught English at our children’s home, the Refuge. They made jewellery for us to sell made out of recycled bike parts. They sweat a lot working at our new property (which we will hopefully move Famous Ray’s into by August/September) and they poured into us through friendship.

We had another team here that brought over 200 toothbrushes, toothpaste, some clothes and stuffed animals to bless the children the we interact with.

With a joint effort from two teams we were able to feed over 300 people in No-Man’s Land!


Chopping and cooking to feed 300


Hanging out with the military at NML


In a matter of hours we will be getting another team from California that will design and teach an English camp for the kids at the Refuge and New Jerusalem.  They’ll also put on a big Easter celebration for over 100 kids.

I am so thankful for teams that decide to drop everything and come out to serve with us!  It makes me so happy to see people’s hearts connecting with the exact thing that makes mine beat!


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