As I mentioned in my last post, I love having teams here.  They bring refreshment and a new energy.  I love hearing their stories and their experiences while they were here in Mae Sot.


My friend Naya is in the middle with the hat on



Here is one account of a friend, Naya who was here last month. She explains her experience, her love for the country and a healing that occurred at No-Man’s Land.



“While in Mae Sot we were able to pour into the Outpour team a ton and connect and encourage them. It was such an honor to fly in and invest into the people on the ground here dedicating so much of their time and energy into this city and country that they love. I connected with so many people on the team there. They all have such incredible hearts and have sacrificed things in order to be furthering the Kingdom in Thailand and Burma.
We were able to go into Burma one of the days, and let me tell you what guys, Burma is beautiful. The people there are so welcoming and joyful despite the heavy oppression of the government and their circumstances. our team of more than 20 were broken up into groups and sent into villages, leaper colonies, and the streets of Burma. We built relationship, prayed for, and planted seeds in everyone we came into contact with. We saw healings, salvations, and breakthrough left and right! It was such an honor to be apart of something so beautiful. 

Please do not forget about Burma. The people or beautiful and broken. Burma needs to be saved. Pray!

We also had an opportunity to go out with Alexandra, a member of the team at Outpour, who is passionate about loving and saving an area called No Man’s Land. The river that separates Thailand from Burma has receded enough to leave a patch of land where about 300 people are living. This land has no country, is lawless, and hurting. We weren’t able to go into no man’s land for safety reasons, but we were able to walk the border and pray over it. We also met people who had set up little “shops,” My team prayed for a woman who had pain in her stomach for over TEN YEARS!! After prayer her pain was completely GONE! She wanted to receive Jesus as her Savior, so we led her in a prayer and she was delivered! I felt so much joy for this woman who was unable to even touch her stomach prior to encountering Jesus’ loving power.

I fell in love with Mae Sot and the people there. It broke my heart leaving, but I KNOW that i will be back. God’s not finished with me there and I’m excited to return when I get the green light from Him.”

You can read more from her here:   http://nayapugh.weebly.com/


One thought on ““I FELL IN LOVE WITH MAE SOT”

  1. Hey, Alexandra;
    It’s been too long since I’ve coresponded with you. I apologize. However, I’m sure you’re every bit as busy as I am.
    We are looking forward to seeing you soon!
    Is your SUV still for sale? If so, can you give me any info. about it?
    Will talk when I get to see you. Yea! Love the reports and victories!

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