Fun at The Refuge

The kids at The Refuge have been on a school break for the last two weeks which has given us plenty of time for fun, laughter and a bunch of shenanigans.

Watch this hilarious short video of us playing a game where if you answered correctly, you could move forward to win. Keep your eye on the girl in grey.

There is an organization here in Mae Sot called Global Alms Inc. who trains locals in self defence.  We recently took all the kids for a three day training seminar.  Even though they are small they now have the skills to defend and protect themselves.



Even though these two weren’t part of the class, they still wanted to participate!

unnamed-1 unnamed

The kids have stayed busy when they aren’t training or sleeping in, by making these fun Christmas elephant ornaments. They have made near 400 already, and I plan on bringing 50 home with me for Christmas. They will be available to purchase in various colors and patterns.



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