A crazy elephant trunk almost got me

A crazy elephant trunk almost got me here

To put it simply, I am a woman full of joy and love. I am living in Thailand spending my time serving and loving the Thai and Burmese people.

I moved to Thailand thinking I would stay for four months, now nearly two years later I have no plans of leaving.

I live and work in Mae Sot, Thailand. Its a small town on the border of Thailand and Burma/Myanmar with many many different cultures and ethnic groups.

I am working with a non-profit called Outpour Movement, our Mission is this: Outpour Movement exists to transform, disciple, employ, and empower the children and young adults of oppressed people groups who transcend the Thai and Burma border.To learn more about us go to our website outpourmovement.com

My main focus in Mae Sot has been the small area of land between the two bordering countries called No-Mans land.  I have dedicated myself to learning Burmese so that I can communicate, love and serve them to the best of my ability.  Another focus is The Refuge, our children’s home.  You will find me there almost every single day teaching English, taking the kids on adventures or just hanging out. 


A family that lives along the border


Adventure day with The Refuge

My beautiful babies

I left my home state of Kansas, where I went to Kansas State University and since have lived and worked in several states and traveled around the world for about 16 months.  The hardest part of leaving Kansas has always been my family.  I have the most gorgeous five nieces and one handsome little nephew.


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