No-Man’s Land & the Border

My main ministry in joining the Outpour Movement staff is the small area of land between Thailand and Burma, called No-Man’s land.  This area houses anywhere from 250 to 300 people. Given the fact that the land does not belong to either bordering country, it is lawless.  Anything goes.

No-Man’s land is a small area of land that takes full advantage of the lack of justice. Sex trafficking, human trafficking and drug trafficking are three of the worst daily happenings.  People live in No Man’s Land for different reasons; maybe they are seeking refuge from police, they could be homeless, or they are traffickers looking for a police free space to do their dealings.

I love going to the border and walking along theIMG_1003 edge of No-Man’s Land seeing my friends and other familiar faces.  My short term goal for this area is to simply build trust and relationships. I am taking Burmese classes and every week I’m able to communicate a bit better, and more.



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