Outpour Movement

Ray and Candace Ward are the founders of Outpour Movement under the umbrella of Kingdom Inc. Our influence reaches into Northern Thailand, No-Man’s land and Burma/Myanmar.          (Ray and Candace Ward) 10550830_10152607210415797_8734213409517003891_n

We believe in ministering through the “overflow” or “outpour” of our personal relationship with God empowered by the Holy Spirit.


Ray and Candace first began over eleven years ago and have been living in Thailand for the last seven years. In that time they’ve worked alongside villages, and ministers to plant and build three churches, two children’s homes, initiate several poverty combating agricultural programs, and have seen many lives transformed. Relational evangelism and prayer are two major focuses of their ministry and I have the privilege of being on the Outpour team and serving with them. 


OutPour has opened two businesses in Mae Sot, Thailand.                                                                  -Famous Ray’s Burger Restaurant                                                                                                             -Famous Ray’s Bicycle Shop

To learn more about the Outpour Movement click here: Outpour Movement




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