The Refuge

“The Refuge” is our children’s home ran by Hebrew and his wife Ser Ne Gay, a couple that is mothering and fathering the children of Burma.  Plus, they have adorable twin baby girls themselves.

Outpour Movement partnered with Hebrew in 2008 to build a children’s home to welcome children who were coming from desperate situations in conflict zones in Burma/Myanmar.  Today there are five teenagers and one child.

Almost every child that has come to live in our children’s home wants to use the education and training they receive to go back into Burma and help their people. We believe that these children represent the next generation of doctors, evangelists, teachers and politicians that will shape the future of Burma.

My life is very much integrated with these kids.  I am there almost every day teaching them English.  On the weekends we are either baking new desserts, going to a waterfall, swimming, watching a movie or having church.  There’s never a dull moment with these kids. They are bright, full of love and creative people.


An adventure day at a local waterfall


Hebrew and Ser Ne Gay leading worship in church


We took the kids to a three day self defence training course.


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